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My 1st ever blog post……..

cropped-untitled-3.pngWelcome to what i hope to be the first of many blog posts.

I recently deleted Facebook and what an empowering and freeing thing that was. I gained my life back 🙂

I really hope over the weeks and months to come this blog blesses and inspires you.



The idea of this blog is to sprinkle little snippets of positivity around. I really hope this blesses you.

33 thoughts on “My 1st ever blog post……..

  1. Even I feel many Times to do that, you may have 1000 of friends but nobody bothers about you,only reason im keepng it is to read interesting news and stories.


    1. It’s a breeding ground for hate and negativity with slithers of hope thrown in. There was a time I thought i could never live without it. Oh how times have changed. I’m loving and living my life rather then updating what I’m doing on facebook every second! I’m FREE 🙂


    1. Facebook was taking over my life. I get its a choice what and how much you post on there…..BUT i was always on there posting my whole life on there scrolling through negativity after negativity. I made a choice and i deleted! It’s so freeing and liberating 🙂 i will come and visit youthe blog soon xxx

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      1. I was at the point of starting showing it all at Facebook or whatever… but a big hand stopped me, prevented me from doing that nonsense. And it is not so easy to draw a line: what you show and what you don’t, when you feel you have so much to say, but it is all so mixed-up…
        In any case, thank you so much for being there and showing positivity. Have a very nice weekend!

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  2. Hi there.. Yay! Congratulations.. I’m not on any social medias too except wprdpress. Let’s share & learn more from each other. Do check out my blog & I’m following you 🙂


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