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You choose :):


Happiness is a choice! It’s an inside job πŸ™‚


HAPPINESS is what you are not what you have. It depends solely upon your own ATTITUDE. You can be HAPPY no matter what your circumstances might be. You can never get HAPPY, you can always be HAPPY.

Lift your own self-imposed restrictions on HAPPINESS, count your many BLESSINGS and be HAPPY. Spread your HAPPINESS and it will grow.

Just a little post to sprinkle a little bit of positivity over your day, make a decision today to be happy. Choose happiness, decide today right now to be happy.

Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.

#smile #powerofpositivity #happiness #positivepower

Love Rachael


The idea of this blog is to sprinkle little snippets of positivity around. I really hope this blesses you.

12 thoughts on “You choose :):

  1. Dear Rachael!
    Congratulations on deciding to spread the positism in this world. It needs more people to see, be, repeat and spread the good, the Love, the happiness to remind humanity of it’s true nature.
    What I would enjoy reading, is how you came to this insight, decision and how you live your words. It makes it more relatable and tangiable for people who might still be stuggling with their choices or agency all together. And I myself who chooses to be happy every day a new (’cause even when you’ve made your choice, you need to choose to stick with it, Day in Day out, even when the going gets tough), am curious how others find their path. Basically it’s what my Blog I just started is about.


  2. Loved this inspirational post!
    “You can never get happy but you can always be happy!” So true…
    It depends on us how we take the situation and how we react upon it…
    Loved it! 😊

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