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Haiku Challenge

Hello fellow bloggers. 
So your challenge should you wish to accept it…….

I shall give you a word- today’s word is SHINE

Write your own Haiku and include this word. Simple πŸ™ƒ

The purpose of this challenge is to….

  1. To inspire
  2. To have fun
  3. To share with each other 
  4. To get all types of people enjoying poetry 

So what is a haiku? 

  • Make sure you put a URL of your haiku in the comments so we can all go and check yours out. Or you can do a ping back. 

Check out this haiku generator, it checks your syllables to make sure it’s correct. 

So the word to include in today’s haiku challenge is SHINE.

Here is mine……

Sparkle glow and shine

Like the sun that is so bright 

Share your smile today


Here are some examples I found online…..

Go on give it a go πŸ™‚ Shine Shine Shine

Love Rachael


The idea of this blog is to sprinkle little snippets of positivity around. I really hope this blesses you.

33 thoughts on “Haiku Challenge

  1. Can I join the challenge now? I had been reading Haiku but had not really understood, then I read all about it and it is fun. Identifying the syllables is interesting because we never really think about them. Regards,

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